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Get to Know Us

Jared and Amber (pictured Left with family) and Randi (pictured right with family) grew up in  modest homes. Taught old fashioned ways of respecting your elders and living by a code of ethics not valued anymore,  With parents that built their own houses, the team at Precision were very familiar with the construction scene.  From painting to electrical; from plumbing to drywall, they had done every part of the building process. In late 2008, Jared took to painting under his soon-to-be father-in-law, and quickly learned to enjoy the therapeutic process of applying color to the world.  Shortly after, Randi also joined in the journey.  Four years later, with both having full families of their own, they decided to trek onto the road less traveled and began their own small business.  

Jared Married Amber in 2010.  Shortly after that, they had their first girl, Alina, in 2011.  Not long after that,  15 months to be precise, they had their 2nd, Brinley.  Nearly 4 years later, they had their, possibly, last child, Cambria. They enjoy yard work and laughing at funny movies. They also enjoy refinishing furniture, along with crafting and decorating, and going to yard sales.

Randi Married Chad in 2004, they soon had Ivy in 2005. Followed by Ashton in 2010, Ahrianna in 2012, and Elise in 2017.  They enjoy long walks on the beach, late nights and early mornings. They also enjoy interior designing and crafting.

Using the morals they were raised by,  they not only live by these codes in the work place, but at home as well.   Brought up in a christian home, to love God and people,  They reflect all they do from God's word.  Colossians 3:23 tell us that in everything we do, do to the best of our ability.  Matthew 22:36-40 also tells us that we are to Love God with everything we have along with our neighbors.  Precision instills these core values in their work ethic and it is reflected in their demeanor.

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